SKILLS is an Integrated Project in the framework of european IST FP6 strategic objective named “Multimodal Interfaces” and deals with the acquisition, interpretation, storing and transfer of human skill by means of multimodal interfaces, Robotics, Virtual Environments (VE) technologies and Interaction Design methodologies.

SKILLS intends to introduce a novel approach to skill capturing, transfer and assessment based on enactive paradigms of interaction between the human operator and the interface system devoted to mimic task conditions.

Skill analysis adopts cognitive sciences and interaction design methodologies in order to obtain a digital representation of skill and to develop techniques for its capturing and rendering.

SKILLS takes three different application domains into consideration for demonstrators: sport and entertainment, surgery and rehabilitation, manufacturing and industry. Interaction design methodologies are implemented in these contexts in order to address the design of novel interfaces focused on skill transfer and being able to improve task performances or generate innovative processes.

The SKILLS Consortium comprehends Universities and Research Centres with expertise in Cognitive Science, Psychology, Interaction Design, Virtual Environments, Augmented Realities and Robotics together with Industries representative of the above specified application domains.

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SKILLS Conference 2011 in Montpellier


Dear Colleague, The EuroMov center at Montpellier-1 University in the south of France organizes a special conference in December 2011. SKILLS is the international conference of the SKILLS European Project ...Read more

SKILLS Summer School 2011: Skill learning and Virtual Environments


CALL FOR PARTICIPATION IN SKILLS SUMMER SCHOOL 2011 - "SKILL LEARNING AND VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS" Organizers: Prof. Massimo Bergamasco (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna) Prof. Benoît Bardy ...Read more

Medicine Meets Virtual Reality - Italy 2010 - SKILLS Special Session

2010-12-14, by Federico Vanni

The analysis of synergies between Virtual Reality and Medicine is the objective of this workshop, through the meeting of scientists, engineers and medical doctors, with the aim of providing an overview ...Read more

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Movement Science, Psychology or Neuroscience

2010-02-15, by Federico Vanni

Montpellier, France Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Movement Science, Psychology or Neuroscience. The University of Montpellier I (France) is seeking applicants for a post doctoral fellowship to ...Read more

SKILLS 09 International Conference - Enaction on skills


The International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces for Skills Transfer, promoted by the European SKILLS Integrated Project, will be held in Bilbao (Spain) on 15th-16th December, 2009. SKILLS09 is ...Read more