Overcoming Criticism & Contempt In Marriage Important Tips

Marriages are made in heaven, but have to be sustained on earth. Nowadays, when people have lost their sense of patience, especially married couples, it has become very difficult for them to sustain and nurture their love relationship. After years of marriage, both the partners criticize each other on even very petty issues. Why, this has become a major area of discussion for relationship researchers. They know why a marriage succeed or fail, and have suggested that if partners don’t stop disliking & blaming each other, then divorce is the only fate for some.

Partners contempt to express their frustrations. One step further, contempt takes place of criticism. At this stage, the criticizing partner thinks that the other one is a complete failure and worthless. This kind of disrespect includes sarcasm, cynicism, name-calling, and many other unpleasant actions in from of friends, family members, children, and even to themselves in their mind.

What To Do?
There are certain ways in which you can control the situation of contempt and criticize. Read further to know how you can improve and save your relationship with your spouse.

Express Love Through Messages

Gone are the days when love was only meant to be felt and expressing love was seldom seen; now its like love is in the air and everyone is under its spell. The expression of love is very important in everyones life as each and every one of us wants to feel loved and cherished in some way. It is very important to tell a person that they are loved as it gives them a special feel and lifts their mood as well. There are different ways to express love, some people express it by their actions, some of them say it out loud, others write letters and most recently it has been observed that people express love through SMSs. Due to the fact that the cellular technology has greatly advanced and because almost all the people all around the world now possess cell phones it is very common to see love being expressed on SMS. People instantly share these messages and this also help in staying in touch with your loved ones and making them realize this all the time that they are loved and thought about all the time. These messages also known as love SMS is at times the senders own words and at times are phrases of love taken from a book or a speaker. It is more thoughtful to write this kind of text in your words as it makes the other person feel more special but if you are not good at expressing your feelings there are people out there who have made it a lot easier for you by composing messages just the way you want them to be. This is the biggest facility for someone who wants to express his love but is unable to find the right words.
Romantic love SMS is also a very popular kind of text which has been going around among the people who are in a relationship. This text expresses all that is felt by the heart and contains simple lines that are very special for a loved one. These SMSs also contain love quotes. Love quotes are those quotes which have been quoted by or for people in love. These quotes are very cute and very heartwarming as well and say things that are felt exactly in the same way by a lot of people. Love is an expression and it should be expressed through words instead of keeping it quite and assuming that the other person knows. In love expression is the key to it all and it is said that if it cant be explained that means there is no love at all.
Love wishes are extremely cute and are easily available online if anybody wants them. These wishes consist of encouraging words and prayers for the receiver and an emotion which is honest and loving. These wishes are regularly updated and are very important among lovers. They sweeten the relationship and also makes it stronger.

If There’s No Trust In A Relationship How Can There Be Love

If There’s No Trust In A Relationship How Can There Be Love?

When it comes to knowing what it really takes to make a lasting relationship, we’re often wrong. As an example, do you know that it isn’t always necessary to liven things up? Being reliable has greater importance than excitement in building strong relationships. The following eight suggestions will strengthen the bond with your partner by building up the most important ingredient in a relationship: trust.

1.) As noted in the introduction, being reliable is essential. This is contrary to the common perception that things have to be stirred up in order to keep your partners interest. Some variety doesn’t hurt, but trust is the real foundation of a stable relationship. Trust requires believing that your partner will be there through thick and thin. This trust is built through steady reliability every single day.

Top 9 Fengshui Tips You Should Know

The living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are the four indispensable parts in our life. So these four parts are the most important targets in the house Fengshui. Following are some Chinese Fengshui taboos for the house Fengshui. Fengshui Taboos for the Living Room: 1. In the modern living room, you may see the living room in the first sight when you walking into the house. Actually, according to the Chinese Fengshui theory and Chinese astrology this is a kind of taboos in the house Fengshui application. It will affect your family members’ health and family fortune. As to this problem, it is best to set a hallway in the living room.

2. When buying the house, you’d better choose a bright one, especially a living room with enough natural light since living room is a place for the family and friends to get-together.

3. The best position for the living room is the right ahead position, and if there is a bright balcony is perfect, you can see all the beauty outside the balcony, it means your work fortune is going places.

Love Marriage Problem Solutions – The Ultimate Guide

In this world love is an important part of everyone’s life. It is a beautiful thing that exist on the earth. It works to connect two person’s heart and make a strong bond between them. With the love anyone can spend their whole life peacefully and happily. Animals and plants also look for the source of it. Love has many type of definition. It is not only about any boyfriend and girlfriend, it may be between brother and sister, parents and children and etc. If someone in love he works with full concentration and live happy life. Marriage is also a beautiful thing which connects two person and grant permission socially to live together their whole life. It is exciting if he or she is your lover whom you are going to marry. Because it is true if there love exists between the married couple the marriage will be successful. Love marriage is a word which connects two true lovers and they live their whole life together. This marriage is based on commitment, affection, attraction and love of two person and it is a fact that no any relationship goes without this beautiful emotion. Love Marriage is also best because they both know each other and also decreases the caste and dowry systems. It is a best marriage because after all you have to spend your whole life with that person whom you marry, so it is the best option that you choose the right person. Everyone wants to get married with his or her lover but it is also a fact that everyone is not lucky on this planet.

Sometimes when you talk about your partner to family members they refuses your relationship or do not grant permission for marriage. It also may be possible that problem occurs in your marriage such as inter-caste, age-gap and etc. Or if you successfully married with your partner problem may be occur such as unnecessary arguments between both of you and etc. Believe or not this problem occurs due to the astrological planetary changes. Generally in love marriage the couple don’t care about astrological factors they don’t match kundli or etc. If there is problem in your love marriage at this difficult time you feel as frustrated, angry or lonely. Astrologer is the right person who can give you love marriage problem solutions. They see your astro and predict the solutions and give you the right advice to solve love problem through Astrology tactics.

How Do American Singles Deal With Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is a difficult subject to talk and how to cope with it can be quite complicate. This kind of relationship might work for some but might not work for others. Whether it will work or not, it depends on what situation that each individual is in and the distance itself which can make a different. Anyhow long distance relationship term should not be discouraging anyone from looking for real relationship. If you are in this kind of relationship, you should learn how to deal with it and try to make it work somehow.

If you are dealing with long distance relationship, you should know that in order to stay strong in a long distance relationship you should be patience and you need to scarify lots of time and energy toward making it work. You are dealing with emotion and feeling here, so you should be positive about things in your life. Always think that love does not come that easy and it can be one of the life time and you don’t want to miss that chance. Try to communicate with each other as much as you can. Trusting and understanding each other are also ones of the main things to stay strong in a relationship.

If you are American singles and dealing with long distance relationship with someone in the United States but in a different part of country, your long distance relationship experience is not that bad comparing to a relationship with someone in another country. Because making a decision to move to another country can be very difficult thus you will need more time to make sure the person is the right one before committing to it. As long distance relationship can last for a long time, so to cope with a relationship you should find time to meet each other as often as you can. You need this in order to stay strong in this kind of relationship.